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Hotel ALMA 3* Av'Almendros Benidorm - (Ex Hotel Paca & Jamaica) is located 200 metres from poniente beach,300 metres to levante beach.On a busy road,and centre of old town area.

Hotel ACAPULCO 2* Cl Ricardo Bayona 7 Benidorm,poniente side of old town,250 metres to poniente beach,old town 450 metres,
levante beach 800 metres.


Hotel AGIR 4* Av'Mediterraneo Benidorm,300 metres to old town,100 metres levante beach,500 metres poniente beach.Superb centrally located 4* hotel,fantastic rooftop al la carte restaurant.

AQUA AZUL 4* Cl Emilio Ortuno Benidorm,centrally located recently refurbished hotel 6 floors 132 double rooms,close to both beaches
and old town.

ALAMEDA 3* Av'Alameda 34 Benidorm,centrally located in the old town of Benidorm,close to 'Tapas alley' and shops.Both poniente & levante beaches 400 metres.

Hotel los
ALAMOS 3* Cl Gerona 7 Benidorm,150 metres to levante beach,400 metres to the English square',150 metres old town,500 metres
poniente beach.Great little hotel in the restaurant area of the new town.

ALHAMBRA 1* Cl Jaen 4 ,close to all bars,clubs & restaurants,200 metres to levante beach.

Apartment ALPHA 2* Cl Kennedy Benidorm,located in a central levante area,1 bedroom apartments,swimming pool,air-con',
fully equipped for holiday stays.

Apartments AMALIA 2* Cl Esperanto 15 Benidorm,bar,swimming pool,fully equipped holiday apartments,450 metres levante beach,
400 metres old town Benidorm,800 metres to main bars,clubs.

Hotel AMBASSADOR PLAYA I/II 3* Cl Gerona Benidorm,210 rooms,great favourite with the Brit's,close to all bars,clubs,
250 metres to levante beach.

Hotel (Sweet)
RIVIERA BEACH 4*,Av'Del Derramador 8 Benidorm,recently refurbished hotel,close to all bars,clubs,indoor-outdoor market,
swimming pool.

Hotel ANDALUCIA 2* Cl Florida 2 ,small family run hotel,300 metres to old town Benidorm,close to poniente beach.Bar-Cafe.

Apartments BELROY 3* Av'Mediterraneo Benidorm,are in the grounds of Hotel Belroy 4*,and all facilities can be used at the hotel,close to all bars,clubs,250 metres levante beach.350 metres Benidorm old town.

Aparthotel MARCONFORT FLAMINGO 3* Av'Marbella 2 Benidorm,1300 metres to old town,800 metres to all bars,clubs,swimming pool,
lively noisy block.

Aparthotel MILORD SUITES 3* Paseo de la Carretera 52-1 Benidorm,Located in the town centre,50 metres poniente beach.

Aparthotel PRIMAVERA PARK 2* l Primavera 4 Benidorm,700 metres from levante beach,300 metres old town,800 metres to poniente beach,swimming pool,bar,restaurant,close to all shops.

Apartment ACINTUR MEDITERRANEO 1* Av'Bilbao 4 Benidorm,100 metres from the centre of levante beach cafe area,25 metres to levante beach.

Apartment ACUARIUM II/III Av'Juan fuster Zaragoza Benidorm,400 metres to levante beach area,levante beach 1000 metres,
located in the Rincon de loix area.

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Apartment AVENIDA 2* Cl Gambo 1 ,located in the centre of Benidorm,100 metres levante beach,800 metres to all bars,clubs,
poniente beach 700 metres.Adjaecent to Hotel Avenida 4*.

Apartment BALCON DEL MAR 1* Cl de Villajoyosa Finestrat Benidorm,40 metres to the beach,3 kms to centre of Benidorm,
well equipped apartments.

Apartment BENIDORM VIDA & GOLF 1*,Av'Presidente Adolfo Suarez 7 Benidorm,9 holf golf course and health spa on site,
3.5 kms to Benidorm centre.

Aparthotel BERMUDAS 2* Av'Estolcolmo 17 Benidorm,located in the Rincon de loix area of Benidorm,450 metres to levante beach,
800 metres to central levante bar area.

Apartment BUENAVISTA 2* Cl Ciudad real 3 Benidorm,800 metres to levante beach,2.400 metres to central Benidorm,Basic holiday apartments.

Apartment BUENOS AIRES 2* Cl Alcalde Manuel Catalan Chana 3 Benidorm,up a steep hill 500 metres to levante beach,
2.500 metres to old town Benidorm.

Apartment BULEVAR II 1* Cl de Villajoyosa Finestrat Benidorm,3.000 metres to Benidorm old town,built in 2006 nice block of apartments.

Apartment CALA PALMERA 2* En Cala de Villajoyosa 17 Benidorm,3.000 metres to Benidorm Old town,70 metres to la Cala beach.

Apartment CARABELAS 2* Cl Manilla Benidorm,50 metres to levante beach area,Rincon de loix area of Benidorm,landscaped gardens,
close to Burger King & Mcdonalds.

Apartment CAROLINA 2* Av'Mediterraneo Benidorm,beach location levante beach,sea views.Parking and swimming pool.

Apartment CERVANTES 2* Av'Europa Benidorm,250 metres to levante beach 500 metres Benidorm old town,great central location.

Apartment DON GREGORIO 2* Cl Roma 8 Benidorm,Located in the Rincon de loix area up some hills,2.500 metres to old town ,
1 bedroom basic holiday apartments.

Apartment DON JORGE 2* Cl Vienna 2 Benidorm,36 floors,800 metres to levante beach up a steep incline,2.500 metres to old town Benidorm,
Fully equipped new apartments.

Apartments DON MIGUEL I/II Cl Alcalde Catalan Chana Benidorm,block 1 beach front levante,block 2 100 metres up a steep hill overlooking levante beach,both blocks have parking and swimming pool.

Apartment DON SALVA Av'de Europa 22 Benidorm,close to main N332 road,900 metres to levante beach,1000 metres old town Benidorm,basic apartments,bar & swimming pool.

Apartment EDEN PARK 2* Cl Lepanto Benidorm,residential block located 250 metres to levante beach 1000 metres to old town Benidorm.

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Apartment EDIMAR Av'Mediterraneo ,100 metres to levante beach,3 bedroom apartments in a residential block close all amneties.

Apartment EL FARO Cl Vigo 6 Benidorm,25 metres to poniente beach,in a quiet area,basic holday apartments,with parking & swimming pool.Bar.

Apartment EL GOLONDRO Cl la Palma 36 Benidorm,located in the old town of Benidorm close to all shops,tapas bars,both beaches 400 metres.

Apartment EL TREBOL Av'Filipinas 9 Benidorm,close to all bars,clubs,shops,150 metres to levante beach.1500 metres to old town Benidorm.
Popular located block of apartments.

Apartment ESTUDIOS BENIDORM Cl Martinez Alejos 6 Benidorm,located in a pedestrian area of the old town Benidorm,close to all amneties.

Apartment EUROPA CENTER Cl Berlin ,situated in the Rincon de loix area 400 metres to levante beach,1700 metres to old town Benidorm,swimming pool,parking,bar.

Apartment EUROPA GARDENS Cl Estolcolmo Benidorm,residential block located in the Rincon de loix area,700 metres to levante beach,
1700 metres to old town Benidorm.

EUROPA SUR Cl Dinamarca Benidorm,700 metres to levante beach,2 double bedrooms holiday apartments,swimming pool,gardens,parking.

EVAMAR Av'Juan Fuster Zaragoza Benidorm,close to outdoor market(wednesday/saturday) 700 metres to levante beach.
1500 metres to old town Benidorm.

Cl Lerida 1 Benidorm,650 metres to levante beach,1400 metres old town Benidorm,
basic apartments,with laundry room gardens,swimming pool.

Apartment GEMELOS 26 Av'Derramdor Benidorm,newer apartments,400 metres to levante beach close to all bars,clubs,
1200 metres to old town Benidorm.

Benidorm by the sea

Apartment GEMELOS 1 Av'Madrid Benidorm,beach front 1 & 2 bedroom apartments,close to all bars/clubs/shops,great views.
Swimming pool,parking,tennis court.

Apartment GEMELOS 2/4 Cl Ibiza 8-10 Benidorm,3 blocks right in the area for clubs,bars,shops,entertainment,
swimming pool,parking,tennis court,reception.

Apartment GEMELOS VIII Cl Noruega Benidorm, situated 1000 metres to levante beach,800 metres to old town Benidorm,swimming pool,
tennis,mini golf,parking.

Apartment GEMELOS XII Cl Islandia Benidorm,a residential block 650 metres to levante beach,1000 metres to old town Benidorm,
1 & 2 bedroom apartments.

Apartment GEMELOS XV Cl Estolcolmo Benidorm,situated 400 metres to levante beach,in the Rincon de loix area up a hill,gardens,swimming pool.

Apartment GEMELOS XX Cl Ibiza 4 Benidorm,450 metres levante beach,700 metres to old town Benidorm,
gardens,swimming pool,washing machine,reception.

Apartment GEMELOS XXII Av'Amettla del Mar 29 Benidorm,indoor & outdoor pool,play area,bar,gardens,
reception,close to all bars,clubs,shops.

Apartment GEMELOS XXIV Av' Rosa del Vents Finestrat Benidorm,100 metres to the beach,2000 metres to old town Benidorm,gym,pool,gardens,playground,great views.

Apartment HALLEY Cl Berna Nr 1 Esq Benidorm,450 metres to levante beach close to all bars,shops,markets,1 & 2 bedroom apartments,
swimming pool,bar,reception.

Apartment IBERIA Av'Alcoy 4 Benidorm,beach front apartments levante beach,2 bedroom apartments oldest block of apartments on the beach front.

Apartment ISLANDIA-FINLANDIA Cl Islandia-Finlandia Benidorm,2 blocks 1000 metres to levante beach,800 metres to old town Benidorm,swimming pool,parking,lifts.

Apartment JM LA CALA Av'Del Mariners de la Vilajoisa Benidorm,3.000 metres to old town Benidorm,close to main N332 ROAD,
600 metres to poniente beach.

Apartment LA ERA PARK Cl Verano 8 Benidorm, 400 metres to levante beach,200 metres to old town Benidorm,
1 & 2 bedroom apartments.

Apartment LA OCA Cl Gerona Benidorm,150 metres to levante beach,1 bedroom holiday apartments,located close to all bars,clubs,shops,supermarkets.

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Apartment LA ROTA Av'Marina Baixa 7 6 c Benidorm,100 metres to la cala Finestrat beach,3000 metres to Benidorm old town,built in 2008.

Apartment LAS DAMAS Av'Madrid Benidorm,beach front studios,1 & 2 bedroom apartments,pool,parking close all bars,clubs,shopping,bus stops.

Apartment LAS TORRES Cl Bruselas 5 Benidorm,500 metres to levante beach,1 & 2 bedroom apartments,2000 metres to old town .

Apartment LEVANTE CLUB Cl Estolcolmo 8 Benidorm,300 metres to levante beach,4 blocks,indoor,
outdoor pools,24 hour reception,gardens,bar,2500 metres to old town Benidorm.

Apartment LOIXMAR Cl Roma Benidorm,situated 800 metres to levante beach,2200 metres to old town Benidorm,1 bedroom apartments,
swimming pool,gardens.

Apartment LOS JAZMINES Av' Madrid 3 Benidorm,1 bedroom beach front apartments,close to all bars,clubs,restaurants,reception,swimming pool.

Apartment LUXMAR Cl Zamora 3 Benidorm,situated 650 metres to levante beach,in the Rincon de loix area,up a hill,
24 hour reception,swimming pool.

Apartment MAJA Cl Escuelas 1 Benidorm,1/2 & 3 bedroom apartments located in the old town next to a school,near local bars,restaurants,
1000 metres to levante & poniente beach.

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Villa/Town House MAR Y MONTANA Cl Montecarlo Benidorm,Situated in a quiet area 1000 metres to levante beach,close to supermarkets,2 floors sleeps upto 7/8 people.Private small pool,gardens,parking on road.

Apartment MARC Cl Roma Benidorm,up a steep hill into the Rincon de loix area of Benidorm,swimming pool,reception,1 bedroom apartments.

Apartment MARISCAL 1 Cl Gerona/Av Europa Benidorm,1 bedroom apartments,swimming pool,bar,gardens,close to all shops,bars,
900 metres to levante beach.

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Apartment MARISCAL III Juan fuster Zaragoza Benidorm,close to all bars,shop,supermarkets,swimming pool,reception,1 & 2 bedroom apartments.

Apartment MARISCAL 4/5 Cl Kennedy Benidorm,situated 600 metres to levante beach,200 metres to all bars/clubs,swimming pool,parking,
800 metres to old town Benidorm.

Apartment MARYCIEL Cl Murcia 8 Benidorm,right in the tourist area of levante beach close to all bars,clubs,shops,
bus stops,taxi,1 & 2 bedroom apartments,swimming pool.

Apartment MEDITERRANEO 43 Av'Mediterraneo 43 Benidorm,1400 metres to old town Benidorm,100 metres levante beach,all amneties close by.

Apartment NEW PAYMA Av'Almeria 5 Benidorm,close to all entertainments,shops,taxis,150 metres levante beach.

Apartment P & V Benidorm Cl Lerida 4-6 Benidorm,1 & 2 bedroom apartments,700 metres to levante beach,swimming pool,bar,garden,parking,
1500 metres old town Benidorm.

Apartment PALM COURT Cl Mallorca 16 Benidorm,next door to Hotel Pueblo,close to all amneties,1 bedroom apartments.

Apartment PARAISO X Cl Lerida 10 Benidorm,1000 metres to levante beach,1400 metres to old town Benidorm,
swimming pool,gardens,parking.

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Apartment PARAISO CENTRO Cl Juan Llorca 1 Benidorm,700 metres to levante beach,600 metres to old town Benidorm,1 & 2 bedroom apartments.

Apartment PARAISO LIDO Cl Manuel Catalan Chana Benidorm,1 bedroom apartments built in 2007 to high standard,great views overlooking both levante & poniente beaches,also Alicante in the distance can be seen.

Apartment PICASSO Cl Bruselas 5 Benidorm,500 metres to levante down a steep hill,2000 metres to old town Benidorm,holiday apartments,Rincon de Loix area.

Apartment PISCIS Cl Londres 4 Benidorm,1 bedroom apartments very basic,in the Rincon de loix area up a steep hill,swimming pool,
parking.Local bars,shops close by.

Apartments PLAYAMAR Cl Zamora 11 Benidorm,1000 metres to levante beach,1400 metres to old town Benidorm,1 bedroom holiday apartments.

Apartment PRIMAVERA DOS Av'Derramador Benidorm,800 metres to levante beach close to local shops,bars,1500 metres to old town Benidorm.

Apartment PRINCIPADO ARENA Av'Alcoy 15 Benidorm,beach front 2/3 bedroom apartments,close to all bars,shops,beach,parking,
swimming pool,great views.

Apartment PRINCIPADO MEDITERRANEO Av'Mediterraneo 15 Benidorm,100 metres to levante beach,close to all bars,shops,
1500 metres to old town Benidorm.

Apartments RIBERA Cl Roldan 5 Benidorm,old town Benidorm,300 metres to poniente beach,500 metres to levante beach,close to local bars,shops.

Apartment/Town House RINCONADA REAL Juan Fuster Zaragoza Benidorm,close to all local,bars,supermakets,
indoor out door markets close by,gardens,2 bedroom house,swimming pool,parking.

Apartment SAN FRANCISCO Av'Europa Benidorm,1 & 2 bedroom apartments,gardens,reception,swimming pool,part residential.

Apartment SANTA MARGIRITA Av'Madrid Benidorm,1 & 2 bedroom apartments,beach front levante location,
parking,swimming pool,shops,taxis,bus stops.

Apartment TERRA ALTA Av'Nicaragua 44 Benidorm,located 1100 metres to poniente beach,1600 metres to old town Benidorm,
swimming pool,parking,24 hour reception.

Apartment TORPA Cl Lepanto Benidorm,situated 300 metres to levante beach,800 metres to old town Benidorm,close to bars,clubs,shops.

Apartment TORRE LEVANTE Av'Madrid Benidorm,beach front 1 & 2 bedroom apartments,great views,local bars,shops,bars,
taxis,bus stop,entertainments.

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Apartment TORRE YAGO Av'Madrid Benidorm,beach front 2/3 bedroom apartments,great se views,close to all bars,shops,taxis,bus stops.

Apartment TRINISOL II Cl Alcalde Manuel Catalan Chana 13 Benidorm,up a steep hill overlooking the levante beach 1200 metres to levante beach
1 bedroom apartments,swimming pool,parking.

Apartment TRIOMAR IBIZA Cl Ibiza 15 Benidorm,1 & 2 bedroom apartments,close to all bars,clubs,shops,
reception,swimming pool.

Apartment TROPICMAR Cl Bonn Benidorm,up a steep hill in the Rincon de Loix area of Benidorm,1 & 2 bedroom,basic holiday apartments,swimming pool,100 metres to levante beach,3000 metres to old town Benidorm.

Apartment VACANZA Cl Estolcolmo Benidorm,700 metres to levante beach,up a steep hill,1 & 2 bedroom,swimming pool,parking,reception.

Apartment VERARCRUZ Av'Madrid Benidorm,beach front 2 bedroom apartments,swimming pool,parking,reception,bar.

Apartment DON VICENTE Av'Madrid Benidorm,2 bedroom beach front levante,reception,parking,shops,bars.
Apartment VILLA CAPRI Cl Extolcolmo 16 Benidorm,450 metres to levante beach,rincon de loix area up a hill,1 & 2 bedroom apartments,
2000 metres to old town Benidorm.

Apartments CARLOS V Cl Gerona Benidorm,close to all bars,shops,clubs,150 metres to levante beach.

Apartments MOBY DICK Cl Kennedy Benidorm,1 & 2 bedroom,swimming pool,bar,cafe,gardens,parking,500 metres to levante beach,
1000 metres to old town.

Hotel ASIA GARDENS 5* Av'Eduardo Zaplana Benidorm,312 Balinese style rooms,Spa,swimming pool,gardens,Heli Port,a la carte restaurant.

Hotel ATENEA 3* Cl Montera 10 Benidorm, old tonw close to amneties,shops,bars,markets,banks,taxis.

Hotel MAGIC AQUA ROCK GARDENS 4* Cl Bonn 6 Benidorm,recently refurbished,up a steep hill,local bars,shops close by
1000 metres to levante beach.

Apartment BENIBEACH Cl Armada Espanola Benidorm,100 metres to poniente beach 1,2 & 3 bedroom apartments.

Apartment TORRE DOMO 2* Cl Ibiza Benidorm,close to all markets,bars,clubs,shops,banks,taxis,1000 metres to levante beach.

Apartment TORRE IPANEMA 2* Cl Doctor Orts Llorca Benidorm,close to all amneties,part residential block

partment ATRIUM PLAZA 2* Av'L'aiguera 3 Benidorm,Managed by the Hotel Cristal Park hotel,facing the L'Aiguera Park,using the hotel's facilities.

Hotel AVENIDA 4* Cl'Gambo Benidorm,old town 75 metres to Levante beach,roof top pool,bar,shops,entertainment,bars all close by.Taxis.

Hotel GRAN BALI 4* Cl Luis Penedes 4 Benidorm,Poniente beach 250 metres,hotel built in 2002,tallest hotel in Spain,swimming pool,
numerous bars,restaurants,spa,gym,internet.

Apartment BENIBEACH 2* Cl Amada Espanola Benidorm,12 & 3 bedroom apartments overlooking to the poniente beach,swimming pool,reception.

Hotel BENIDORM CENTRE 4*,Cl Gerona Benidorm,swimming pool,bars,restuarant,centrally located on the levante beach
area 200 metres to the beach.

Hotel BENIDORM PLAZA 4* Via Emilio Ortuno Benidorm, 226 rooms,bars,restaurant,swimming pool,located between both beaches.

Hotel BENIKAKTUS  3*,Cl Hamburgo 12 Benidorm,overlooking the levante beach just 50 metres away down steps,pool,bar,sea views,parking.

BENILUX PARK 3* Cl Panama 5 Benidorm,swimming pool,bar,entertainment,parking.

BENIMAR 2* Cl Emilio Ortuno 28 Benidorm,1 bedroom apartments,swimming pool,parking,reception.

BILBAINO 3* Av Virgen del Sufragio 1 ,overlooking the beach,bar,great views.

BONANZA 2* Av'Jaime 1, 14 Benidorm,parking,bar,swimming pool old town Benidorm.

BRASIL 2* Cl Apollo XI Benidorm,old town Benidorm,pool,air-con,bar,restaurant.Close to beach.

BRISA 4* Av'Madrid Benidorm,beach front hotel,swimming pool,parking,

BRISTOL PARK 3* Pz Dr Felming 2 Benidorm,renovated 2007.Close to old town,levante beach 450 metres,bar,pool,entertainment.

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BUENAVISTA Av'Ciudad Real 3 Benidorm,close to local bars,shops,pool,bar,tv room.

CABALLO DE ORO 2* Cl Kennedy Benidorm,close to all bars,clubs,shops,pool,bar,parking.

CABANA 3* Cl Peru 33 Benidorm,built in 1971,renovated in 1997,bar,hairdressers,pool,parking.

CALAS MARINA 3* Cl Asturias 1 ,close to beach,parking,pool,bar,entertainment.

SERVI CALYPSO 3* Av'Del Derramador Benidorm,parking swimming,pool,bars,restaurants,close to all bars,clubs,shops,
150 metres levante beach.

ALMAFRA 1* Partida Cabut,25 Benidorm,3000 metres to levante beach,chalets,apartments,bars,
swimming pool,landscaped,parking.

CAMPOSOL 2* Cl Apollo XI 17 Benidorm,air con,bar,cafe,swimming pool,parking,300 metres to poniente beach,located in old town Benidorm.

  CARLOS 1 3* Av'Foites 6 Benidorm,built 1972 renovated 1999,swimming pool,bar,restaurant,parking,300 metres to the beach.

  SERVI CASTILLA 4* Cl Jaen Benidorm,450 metres to levante beach,bar,restaurant,cafe,swimming pool,entertainment,
close to all bars/clubs/shops.

CELYMAR 1* Av'Apollo XI 19 Benidorm,bar,restaurant,old town Benidorm.

Hotel CENTRO PLAYA 3* Cl Mayor 16 Benidorm,1972 and renovated in 2002,bar,restaurant.Poniente beach 500 metres.

Apartment DON CESAR 2* Pl Torrejo 1 Benidorm,beach front studios and 1 bedroom apartments,holiday apartments,close to old town Benidorm.

Hotel CIMBEL 4* Av'Alcoy Benidorm,beach front hotel,swimming pool,bar,restaurant,entertainment,central levante area.

Hotel POSEIDON / PALACE 3*.Cl Esepranto 9 Benidorm,4 bars,2 outdoor pools,indoor pool,games,
entertainments,edge of old town 200 metres to levante beach,400 metres to poniente beach.

Hotel CONDAL 3* Cl Garita 19 ,old town location,300 metres to poniente beach,bar,
restaurant,traditional style hotel.

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Hotel COSTABLANCA 4* Av'Alcoy Benidorm,beach front levante,recently refurbsihed hotel,bars,swimming pool,gardens,parking,entertainments.

Hotel CRISTAL PARK 3* Cl Ruzafa 14 Benidorm,all inclusive hotel,Magic group hotel,old town Benidorm location,300 metres to levante beach.

Hotel DELOIX 4* Av'Doctor Severo Ochoa 34 Benidorm,1000 metres to levante beach,superb hotel,
indoor/outdoor pools,bars,restaurant,gym,gardens.

Hotel DIPLOMATIC 4* Cl Gerona Benidorm,centrally located on the levante beach area,400 metres to levante beach,400 metres old town Benidorm.

Apartment DON JORGE 3* Cl Vienna 7 Benidorm,up steep hills in the Rincon de loix area,swimming pool,recently built apartment block,
good standard.

Hotel DON PANCHO 4* Av'Mediterraneo Benidorm,close to all bars,clubs,100 metres to levante beach,bars,

Hotel ESMERELDA 2* Cl San Pedro 14 Benidorm,first Art hotel in Benidorm,smart and cosy,beach front poniente beach hotel,
great views onto the 'Med'.

Hotel FENICIA 3* Cl Mercado 9 Benidorm,part of the Magic Group hotel,all inclusive hotel,centrally located in the old town Benidorm.

Hotel FIESTA PARK 3* Av'Foietes 5 Benidorm,
bars,restaurants,pool,gardens,parking,poniente beach area,500 metres to poniente beach.

FLAMINGO BENIDORM 3* Cl Marbella Benidorm,swimming pool,1000 metres to levante beach.400 metres to all bars,clubs.

FLAMINGO OASIS 4* Cl Severo Ochoa 3 Benidorm,hotel located levante beach900 metres to levante beach 2500 metres
to old town Benidorm.

FLAMINGO SUNPLACES 2* Cl Esperanto esq Cl Lerida Benidorm,apartments 1 bedroom centrally located near all bars,clubs,shops,taxis.

FLASH HOTEL 4* (Formely Rosaire/Don Rolf) next door to Hotel Rosamar,150 metres to levante beach,
hotel refurbished 2012.

FLEMING 2* Cl Puig Campana 11 Benidorm,old town poniente beach,bars,restaurants,pool,terrace.

GALA PLACIDIA 3* Cl Roma 4 Benidorm,up a steep hil in the Rincon de loix area of Benidorm,
pool,parking,bars,restaurants,safe deposit.

GOLDEN 2* Av'Jaime 1,10 Benidorm,poniente beach 400 metres,old town 250 metres,bar,restaurant.

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GRAN DELFIN 4* Av'Vicente Llorca Alos 19 Benidorm,poniente beach art deco hotel,traditional decor 100 metres to poniente beach.

GRAN VILLATAINA WELLNESS SPA 5* Av'Alcalde Eduardo Zaplana 7 ,3000 metres to the centre of Benidorm,restaurants,bars,golf courses.

HELIOS 3* Av'Filipinas Benidorm,500 metres to levante beach,close to outdoor market,close to all bars,clubs,shops,taxi,bus stops.

VILLA VENICIA BOUTIQUE 5* Plaza Castellar 1 Benidorm,70 metres to levante beach 150 metres to poniente views,breathtaking views.

ALONE 3* Av'Marina Baixa 23 Cala de Finestrat Benidorm,4000 metres to old town Benidorm,400 metres to pniente beach.

ASTURIAS 1* La Garita 8 Benidorm,small family run hotel 300 metres to poniente & levante beaches.

ATENEA 3* Cl Montera 10 Benidorm,totally renovated 2000,75 metres to levante beach.

BARCELO ASIA GARDENS 5* Av'Eduardo Zaplana Rotonda del Fuego Benidorm,stands on the slopes of the Sierra Cortina hills,
2500 metres to poniente beach 4000 metres to levante beach.

BELROY 4* Av'Mediterraneo Benidorm,bars,restaurants,swimming pool,gardens,150 metres to levante beach,400 metres to old town.

BEST WESTERN VICTORIA 4* Via Emilio Ortuno 20 Benidorm,a new construction in 2006,250 metres to levante beach,
500 metres to poniente beach.

CABANA 3* Cl Peru 33 Benidorm,700 metres to poniente beach,1200 metres to levante beach.

CENTRO MAR  3* Cl Mayor 16 Benidorm,
completly renovated in 2010,located in the old town of Benidorm,500 metres to both beaches.

DYNASTIC 4* Av'Amettla del Mar 15 Benidorm,re opened in 2005,close to all bars,shops,taxis,indoor makret,1000 metres to levante beach.

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 JAIME 1 3* Av'Jaime 1 Benidorm,250 metres to the centre of the old town,200 metres to poniente beach.

JOYA 2* Av'Andalucia Ptda,Fluixa Benidorm,800 metres to levante beach across busy main road,900 metres to poniente beach.

LAS VEGAS 2* Cl Tomas Ortuno 13 Benidorm,300 metres from levante and poniente beaches,located in the old town of Benidorm.

LES DUNES COMODORO 3* Cl Medico Miguel Martorell 1 Benidorm,beach front location levante beach,
centrally located to all amneties.

LEVANTE CLUB & SPA 4* Av'Severo Ochoa 3b Benidorm,built in 2002,close to all bars,shops,taxis,
supermarkets,1000 metres to levante beach. 

LIDO 3* Alcalde Manuel Catalan Chana 16 Benidorm,up a steep hill overlooking the levante beach,great local cuisine,bar,pool,parking.

LOS DALMATAS 4* Cl Estolcolmo Benidorm,150 metres to levante beach,pool,parking,bars,entertainment.

MADEIRA CENTRO 4* Cl Esperanto 1 Benidorm,large centrally located hotel,indoor/outdoor pools,rooftop al la carte restaurant.

MAR BLAU 2* Cl San Pedro Benidorm,50 metres poniente beach,100 metres old town Benidorm.

MARCONI 3* Cl San Pedro Benidorm,50 metres to poniente beach,100 metres to old town Benidorm.

MARINA 4* Cl Cuenca 6 Benidorm,central levante area,close to all bars,clubs,shops,taxis,bus stops,levante beach 250 metres,
old town 1000 metres.

MAYNA 2* Cl Ruzafa Benidorm,located centrally in the old town,250 metres to levante beach.

MEDITERRANEO 4* Av'Dr Severo Ochoa 1 Benidorm,700 metres to levante beach,close to all bars,shops,taxis,supermarkets.

Hotel MELIA BENIDORM 4* Av'Dr Severo Ochoa 1 Benidorm,Benidorm,700 metres to levante beach,close to all bars,shops,taxis,supermarkets.

Hotel MELINA 2* Plaza de Espana 2 Benidorm,150 metres to central old town area,250 metrs to poniente beach.

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Hotel MONT PARK 3* Cl Manilla 5 Benidorm,located up a hill 100 metres from levante beach,bar,restaurant,
swimming pool,car parking.

Hotel MONTEMAR 3* Cl San Pedro 18 Benidorm,50 metres to poniente beach,150 metres to old town Benidorm,close to local bars,shops,taxis.

Hotel NADAL 3* Av'Madrid ,beach front location levante beach,bar,restaurant,family run hotel.

Hotel OASIS PLAZA 3* Plaza Espana 6 Benidorm,located 300 metres to old town,400 metres to poniente beach.Shops and local bars close by.

Hotel OLYMPUS 3* Paseo de las Acacias 11 Benidorm built in 1998 located 550 metres to poniente beach,700 metres to old town Benidorm centre.

Hotel PACA 2* Av'los Alemndros Benidorm,built in the 60's renvoated in 2001,close to al amneties.

Hotel PALM BEACH 4* Cl Oslo 2 Benidorm,up a very steep hill 1500 metres to levante beach in a quiet area,in the Rincon de Loix area.

Hotel POSEIDON PLAYA 3* Av'Marina Espanola Benidorm,60 metres to poniente beach 1000 metres Benidorm old town.

Hotel PRESIDENTE 3* Av'Filipinas 10 Benidorm,close to all bars,shops,taxis,bus stops,clubs,150 metres to levante beach,1200 metres
to old town Benidorm.

Hotel PRIMAVERA 2* Gardenias 12 Benidorm,200 metres to poniente beach,500 metres to levante beach.

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PRINCE PARK 3* Cl Primavera 3 Benidorm,located close shops,bars,hospital,supermarket,1000 metres to levante beach,near old town.

PERLA 2* Cl Lepanto Benidorm,close to all bars,clubs,taxis,bus stops,500 metres to levante beach.

REGENTE 3* Cl Monaco 5 Benidorm,located in the main British area of Benidorm close to all amneties.

RIO PARK 3* Cl Kennedy Benidorm,next to the 'yellow brick road' close to all bars,clubs,taxis,shops.

RIVIERA BEACH 4* Av'Derramador Benidorm,close to all bars,clubs,taxis,bus stops,markets.

ROSAMAR 3* Av'Derramador Benidorm,close to all bars,clubs,shops,taxis,markets,main English area.

ROYAL 4* Cl Emilio Ortuno Benidorm,close to old town Benidorm 700 metres to levante beach.

SANDOS MONACO SPA 4* Av'Periodista Emilio Romero 11 Benidorm,totally refurbished in 2009,avantgarde and innovative new hotel,
close to all amneties,levante.

SANTA FAZ 2* la Santa Fac 18 Benidorm,family run hotel in old town Benidorm,local bars close by. 

Hotel SERVI CALYPSO 3* Av'Derramador Benidorm,close to all bars,clubs,shops,markets,taxis.

Hotel SERVI NEREO 3* Av'l'Amettla del Mar Benidorm,close to indoor market,shops,bars,taxis,bus stops,600 metres to levante beach.

Hotel SERVI ORANGE 3* Cl Mallorca Benidorm,next to all clubs,bars,shops,taxis,bus stops,markets.

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Hotel SERVI PUEBLO 3* Cl Ibiza 17 Benidorm,close to outdoor market,all bars,clubs,shops,taxis,markets.

Hotel SERVI RIALTO 3* Cl Estolcolmo Benidorm,up a steep hill,600 metres to levante beach,close to local bars.

Hotel SERVI TORRE DORADA 3* Cl Aviles 2 la cala Benidorm,close to poniente beach,2500 metres to old town ,
close to local bars,shops.

Hotel SERVI VENUS 3* Av'Filipinas Benidorm,close to all bars,clubs,markets,taxis,shops,bus stops.

sol COSTA BLANCA 48 Av'Alcoy Benidorm,recently refurbishe,beach front levante beach,close to all bars,clubs,shops,taxis,bus stops.

sol PELICANOS-OCAS 3* Cl Gerona Benidorm,close all shops,markets,bars,clubs,taxis.

SOL Y SOMBRA 3* Cl Florida Benidorm,close to poniente beach,old town 500 metres,local bars nearby.

TANIT  3* Av'losAlmendros Benidorm,beach front marina poniente beach area,close to all amneties.

Hotel TROPIC RELAX 3* Cl Relleu 11 Cala de Finestrat Benidorm,4000 metres to the centre of the old town,600 metres to poniente beach.

Hotel VILLA DEL MAR 4* Av'Marina Espinola Benidorm,overlooking the poniente beach,next to a busy main road.

Hotel VISTA ORO 2* Cl Ruzafa Benidorm,old town Benidorm 600 metres to levante beach,with all local bars,shops nearby.

Hotel VORAMAR 3* Cl los Almedros Benidorm,25 metres to poniente beach,50 metres to old town centre.

Apartments KENNEDY I/II 2* Cl Kennedy ,1 & 2 bedroom apartments,1000 metres to levante beach.

Apartments la CASETA 3* Cl Primavera 12 Benidorm,close to supermaket,shops,local bars,central Benidorm old town close by.

Hotel la ESTACION 4* PS TOLLS Benidorm,bus stationBenidorm,newly built,with supermarket,bars close by 1500 metres to levante beach.

Apartment LAS TORRES 2* Av'Montecarlo Benidorm,1 & 2 bedroom apartments,close to all amneties.

Apartment LEVANTE LUX Cl Estolcolmo Benidorm,up a steep hill,1000 metres to levante beach,local shops and bars closeby.

Apartment MAEVA 2* Cl Kennedy newly built blocks close all bars,clubs,shops,markets,taxis,bus stops.

Apartment MARIA VICTORIA 2* Cl Ibiza Benidorm close to all bars,shops,800 metres to levante beach.

Apartment MAYNA  2* Cl Amsterdam ,close to markets,shops,bars,taxis,600 metres to levante beach.

Aparthotel MAGIC MONIKA HOLIDAYS 3* Av'Marina Baixa Benidorm,300 metres to poniente beach3000 metres to old town Benidorm,
close to local bars,shops.

Apartment  MONVER VI Cl Cuenca Benidorm,locate in central levante are,close to all amneties.

RH CANFALI 3* Pz San Jaime 5 Benidorm,close to old town Benidorm,close to local bars,shops,church.

RH CORONA DEL MAR 4* Av' Jaime 1 Benidorm,close to poniente beach.400 metres old town Benidorm.Shops & bars close by.

RH INTERNATIONAL 2* Ps Carretera 40 Benidorm,close to all local bars,shops,100 metres to poniente beach,400 metres to levante beach.

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RH PRINCESSA 4* Cl Mirador 3 Benidorm,close to old town Benidorm,with shops,bars close by.

RH SOL 3* Pz Pintor Lozano Benidorm,50 metres to levante beach,close to old town ,shops,bars.